Bradley Weiss

IMG_3992Bradley “Brad” Weiss is a PhD student who joined the Carlson Lab in January of 2019. He received a BA in Geology from the College of Charleston. After working for a time in environmental consulting, Brad returned to school at the University of Michigan, where he earned an MS in Environmental Informatics from the School of Natural Resources and Environment. His masters capstone project involved creating a land use/land cover map of the Bijagual watershed in Costa Rica, to support planning and monitoring of reforestation efforts within the watershed. Brad has also worked for Michigan Tech Research Institute on projects aimed at remote detection of the invasive reed Phragmites australis. As a PhD student, he will be using remote sensing and geospatial analysis to study land use and land cover change in the tropics. During his free time, Brad can usually be found hiking and exploring Hawaii’s lush tropical forests, as he tends to learn best with his feet!